Father Shawn Landenwitch's Recent Homilies:

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| 2019 |
09/13/2020 Listen Watch Debt Forgiveness
09/06/2020 Listen Watch The Watchman
08/30/2020 Listen Watch Fear and the Cross
08/23/2020 Listen Watch The Rock
08/16/2020 Listen Watch A Humble Petition
08/09/2020 Listen Watch The Heart of St. Paul
08/02/2020 Listen Watch Superabundance
07/26/2020 Listen Watch All things work for good
07/19/2020 Listen Watch Kingdom of Heaven vs. Marxism
07/12/2020 (no recorded homily)
07/05/2020 Listen Watch Independence Day and True Freedom
06/28/2020 (no recorded homily)
06/21/2020 (no recorded homily)
06/14/2020 Listen Watch Communion
06/07/2020 Listen Watch The Revelation of the Trinity
06/06/2020 Listen Watch 1st Communions on Trinity Sunday
05/31/2020 Listen Watch The Soul's Most Welcome Guest
05/24/2020 Listen Watch Mysteries of the Ascension
05/17/2020 Listen Watch We are not Orphans
05/10/2020 Listen Watch Show us the Father
05/03/2020 Listen Watch The Lord is our Shepherd
04/26/2020 Listen Watch Stay with Us
04/19/2020 Listen Watch Something to Celebrate: Divine Mercy Sunday
04/18/2020 Listen Day 9 - Divine Mercy Novena (Saturday, April 18)
04/17/2020 Listen Day 8 - Divine Mercy Novena (Friday, April 17)
04/16/2020 Listen Day 7 - Divine Mercy Novena (Thursday, April 16)
04/15/2020 Listen Day 6 - Divine Mercy Novena (Wednesday, April 15)
04/14/2020 Listen Day 5 - Divine Mercy Novena (Tuesday, April 14)
04/13/2020 Listen Day 4 - Divine Mercy Novena (Monday, April 13)
04/12/2020 Listen Day 3 - Divine Mercy Novena (Easter, April 12)
04/12/2020 Listen Watch The New Creation
04/11/2020 Listen Day 2 - Divine Mercy Novena (Holy Saturday, April 11)
04/10/2020 Listen Day 1 - Divine Mercy Novena (Good Friday, April 10)
04/05/2020 Listen Watch Isolation and Communion
03/29/2020 Listen Watch The One Whom We Serve
03/22/2020 Listen Watch The coronavirus quarantine and the eyes of faith
03/20/2020 Listen Watch The Chaplet of Divine Mercy
03/15/2020 Listen Watch Unlocking Divine Mercy Part 2 (View Handout)
03/15/2020 Listen Watch Thirsting in the Desert
03/08/2020 Listen Watch Unlocking Divine Mercy Part 1
03/08/2020 Listen Watch Christians and Suffering
03/01/2020 (no recorded homily)
02/23/2020 Listen Watch A Mother's Forgiveness
02/16/2020 Listen Watch Difficult Marriage Situations
02/09/2020 Listen Watch Is Christianity good for society?
02/02/2020 (no recorded homily)
01/26/2020 Listen Watch Seeking Truth and Unity
01/19/2020 (no recorded homily)
01/12/2020 (no recorded homily)
01/05/2020 Listen The Homage of the Magi
| 2018 |
12/29/2019 Listen Foundations of a Holy Family
12/25/2019 Listen The Light in the Darkness
12/22/2019 Listen The Faithful and the Faithless
12/15/2019 Listen The One who is to Come
12/08/2019 Listen Every Hope will be Fulfilled
12/01/2019 Listen The Priest in Confession
11/24/2019 Listen Secularism vs. Christ the King
11/17/2019 Listen Awaiting the Second Coming
11/10/2019 Listen Faith in the Resurrection
11/03/2019 (no recorded homily)
10/27/2019 Listen Humility in Prayer
10/20/2019 Listen Persevering in Prayer
10/13/2019 (no recorded homily)
10/06/2019 Listen Faith and the Church
09/29/2019 Listen Giving Alms and Salvation
09/22/2019 Listen Being Prudent
09/15/2019 Listen Being Found
09/08/2019 Listen The Cost of Discipleship
09/01/2019 (no recorded homily)
08/25/2019 Listen The Lord's Discipline
08/18/2019 Listen Casting Fire
08/11/2019 Listen The Master's Return and Purgatory
08/04/2019 Listen Priorities and What Matters to God
07/28/2019 Listen Virtues for Prayer
07/21/2019 Listen Pulled Away from Jesus
07/14/2019 Listen Receiving Mercy
07/07/2019 (no recorded homily)
06/30/2019 Listen Pride & Our True Identity
06/23/2019 (no recorded homily)
06/16/2019 Listen He has much more to tell us
06/09/2019 Listen Holy Spirit and Fire
06/02/2019 (no recorded homily)
05/26/2019 Listen The New Jerusalem
05/19/2019 Listen The Priesthood and Sacrificial Love
05/12/2019 Listen Sheep without a Shepherd
05/05/2019 (no recorded homily)
04/28/2019 Listen Unplanned and Divine Mercy
04/21/2019 Listen The Greatest Human Action
04/14/2019 Listen Reflecting on the Passion
04/07/2019 (no recorded homily)
03/31/2019 Listen Parting the Waters - Part 2 of 2 (View Handout)
03/31/2019 Listen Prodigal Sons
03/24/2019 Listen Parting the Waters - Part 1 of 2
03/24/2019 Listen God's Holy Name
03/17/2019 Listen Entering the Cloud
03/10/2019 Listen Temptations and Human Nature
03/03/2019 (no recorded homily)
02/24/2019 Listen Loving our Enemies
02/17/2019 Listen What do we Trust?
02/10/2019 Listen Lifting the Veil
02/03/2019 (no recorded homily)
01/27/2019 Listen One Body
01/20/2019 (no recorded homily)
01/13/2019 Listen Christian Dignity
01/06/2019 Listen Epiphany and God's Promise
01/01/2019 Listen Blessing for the New Year
| 2017 |
12/30/2018 Listen The Foundation of a Holy Family
12/25/2018 Listen The Prince of Peace: A Christmas Meditation
12/23/2018 Listen Meditations on the Visitation
12/16/2018 Listen Moral Preparation for Christmas
12/09/2018 Listen Into the Desert
12/02/2018 (no recorded homily)
11/25/2018 Listen Secularism and Christ the King
11/18/2018 Listen Mark 13 and the End
11/11/2018 Listen The Story of 3 Widows
11/04/2018 (no recorded homily)
10/28/2018 Listen Return from Exile
10/21/2018 Listen Purifying our Intentions
10/14/2018 Listen The Satisfaction of all Desires
10/07/2018 (no recorded homily)
09/30/2018 Listen Keeping Our Sight on Eternity
09/23/2018 Listen Death with Dignity
09/16/2018 Listen Setting Our Faces Like Flint
09/09/2018 Listen Purification of the Church
09/02/2018 (no recorded homily)
08/26/2018 (no recorded homily)
08/19/2018 Listen Response to PA Grand Jury Report
08/12/2018 Listen The Bread that I will Give
08/05/2018 Listen One Request
07/29/2018 Listen Strive for Unity
07/22/2018 Listen Good Shepherds
07/15/2018 (no recorded homily)
07/08/2018 Listen Sons of Mary and the Brown Scapular
07/01/2018 Listen The Healing Power of God
06/24/2018 (no recorded homily)
06/17/2018 Listen Christian Fathers
06/10/2018 Listen Original Innocence
06/03/2018 Listen The Power of the Mass
05/27/2018 (no recorded homily)
05/20/2018 Listen The Holy Spirit and the Church
05/13/2018 Listen A Share in Christ's Victory
05/06/2018 Listen Lasting Joy
04/29/2018 Listen An Encounter with the Risen Lord
04/22/2018 (no recorded homily)
04/15/2018 Listen 1st Communion
04/15/2018 Listen Receiving the Author of Life
04/08/2018 Listen Divine Mercy
04/01/2018 Listen Beyond the Laws of Nature
03/25/2018 Listen In the Garden of Eden - Part 3 of 3
03/25/2018 Listen Son of the Father
03/18/2018 Listen In the Garden of Eden - Part 2 of 3
03/18/2018 Listen The New Covenant
03/11/2018 Listen In the Garden of Eden - Part 1 of 3
03/11/2018 Listen Earning Salvation?
03/04/2018 Listen Mortal vs. Venial Sin
02/25/2018 (no recorded homily)
02/18/2018 Listen Lent Driven by the Holy Spirit
02/14/2018 Listen Remember you are Dust
02/11/2018 Listen Spiritual Leprosy
02/04/2018 Listen Woe to me if I don't preach the Gospel
01/28/2018 Listen Authority of Moral Truth
01/21/2018 (no recorded homily)
01/14/2018 Listen What Truly Fulfills
01/07/2018 Listen Worship
| 2016 |
12/31/2017 Listen Fostering a Holy Family
12/25/2017 Listen Just Himself
12/24/2017 (no recorded homily)
12/17/2017 Listen Healing the Brokenhearted
12/10/2017 Listen The Two Baptisms
12/03/2017 Listen Enriched by Christ
11/26/2017 (no recorded homily)
11/19/2017 Listen Investing the Talents
11/12/2017 (no recorded homily)
11/05/2017 Listen Unity and the Reformation
10/29/2017 Listen Love and Morality
10/22/2017 Listen Give to God what is God's
10/15/2017 (no recorded homily)
10/08/2017 Listen Unreasonable Tenants
10/01/2017 Listen Moral Clarity and Muddy Waters
09/24/2017 Listen Urgent Work in the Vineyard
09/17/2017 Listen Spiritual Maturity: Living for Christ
09/10/2017 Listen Our Calling as Watchmen
09/03/2017 Listen Renewal of our Minds
08/27/2017 Listen Loyalty to the Church
08/20/2017 Listen Humility before God
08/15/2017 Listen Assumption of Mary: Called to Glory
08/13/2017 Listen Get out of the Boat
08/06/2017 Listen Transfigured to Glory
07/30/2017 (no recorded homily)
07/23/2017 Listen Encountering Christ in Prayer
07/16/2017 Listen The Power of the Word
07/09/2017 Listen What Christ has Revealed
07/02/2017 Listen Death and Life
06/25/2017 (no recorded homily)
06/18/2017 Listen True Flesh and True Blood
06/11/2017 (no recorded homily)
06/04/2017 Listen Gifted for Greatness
05/28/2017 Listen Sight Set on Heaven
05/21/2017 Listen The Reality of the Spirit
05/14/2017 Listen Devotion to Mary
05/07/2017 Listen The Shepherd Speaks through His Church
04/30/2017 Listen Going the Right Way
04/23/2017 Listen God's Greatest Attribute
04/16/2017 Listen The Shock of the Resurrection
04/13/2017 Listen The 3 Great Mysteries of Holy Thursday
04/09/2017 Listen At the Foot of the Cross
04/02/2017 Listen Raising the Dead from their Sins
03/26/2017 (no recorded homily)
03/19/2017 Listen Bread from Heaven - Part 3 of 3
03/19/2017 Listen Proper Worship
03/12/2017 Listen Bread from Heaven - Part 2 of 3
03/12/2017 Listen Seeking the Promised Land
03/05/2017 Listen Bread from Heaven - Part 1 of 3
03/05/2017 Listen Rising from the Fall
02/26/2017 (no recorded homily)
02/19/2017 Listen Be Holy as your Father is Holy
02/12/2017 Listen The Moral Demands of Discipleship
02/05/2017 Listen Light to the Nations
01/29/2017 (no recorded homily)
01/22/2017 (no recorded homily)
01/15/2017 Listen Anointed with the Spirit
01/08/2017 Listen Offering Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh
01/01/2017 Listen Responding Generously to Christ
| 2015 |
12/25/2016 Listen Light in the Darkness
12/18/2016 Listen An Attitude of Faith
12/11/2016 Listen A Cause to Rejoice
12/04/2016 Listen Into The Desert
11/27/2016 Listen An Examination of Conscience for Advent
11/20/2016 Listen The Kingship of Christ
11/13/2016 (no recorded homily)
11/06/2016 Listen Courage in the Face of Persecution
10/30/2016 Listen Go Big
10/23/2016 Listen Conscience Formation for Voting
10/16/2016 Listen The Power of Prayer
10/09/2016 Listen Sacraments: The Font of Grace
10/02/2016 Listen Culture of Life and Culture of Death
09/25/2016 Listen Complacency and Competing
09/18/2016 Listen Seeking What Truly Matters
09/11/2016 Listen God's Greatest Attribute
09/04/2016 (no recorded homily)
08/28/2016 Listen Humility: the Foundation of All Virtues
08/21/2016 Listen How many will be saved?
08/14/2016 Listen Compete for the Faith
08/07/2016 Listen Passover and our True Homeland
07/30/2016 Listen What Matters to God: Rich in Virtue
07/24/2016 Listen Power in Prayer
07/17/2016 Listen To Encounter Jesus
07/10/2016 (no recorded homily)
07/03/2016 Listen A Nation Founded on God
06/24/2016 Listen Sins of the Flesh and the Internet
06/19/2016 Listen The Mission of Jesus Christ and of Fathers
06/12/2016 Listen Maintaining Focus
06/05/2016 Listen Life and Death
05/29/2016 Listen Corpus Christi
05/22/2016 Listen The Trinity and Human Nature
05/15/2016 Listen Fortitude for Today's Persecution
05/08/2016 Listen The Ascension Reveals Our Mission In Life
05/01/2016 Listen The Holy Spirit brings Unity and Truth
04/24/2016 Listen Reclaiming the Good News
04/17/2016 Listen A Pastor as Your Shepherd
04/10/2016 Listen The Veiled Presence of Christ
04/03/2016 Listen The Urgent and Powerful Message of Divine Mercy
03/27/2016 Listen Confirmation of Life After Death
03/20/2016 Listen Fidelity to Christ
03/13/2016 Listen Why Be Catholic - Part 3 of 3
03/13/2016 Listen Find fault with ourselves before finding fault with others
03/06/2016 Listen Why Be Catholic - Part 2 of 3
03/06/2016 Listen Why Confess: A Primer on Sacramental Confession
02/28/2016 Listen Why Be Catholic - Part 1 of 3
02/21/2016 Listen Life, Death, and Zika
02/14/2016 Listen Penance: Following Christ into the Desert
02/07/2016 Listen The Majesty of Divine Worship
01/31/2016 Listen Authentic Love of God
01/17/2016 Listen You Cannot Serve both God and Powerball
01/10/2016 Listen Baptism of the Lord
01/03/2016 Listen The Magi's Journey of Faith
01/01/2016 Listen Mary's Intimate Knowledge of Christ
| Bottom |
12/25/2015 Listen Recognizing God's Actions of Mercy
12/20/2015 Listen Marian Devotion and Preparation for Christmas
12/13/2015 Listen Joy is the Fruit of the Love of Christ
12/08/2015 Listen The Woman at Enmity with the Serpent
12/06/2015 Listen True Hope vs False Hope
11/29/2015 Listen The Voice of Christ vs. the Voice of the World
11/26/2015 Listen Thanksgiving Homily
11/15/2015 Listen Catechesis on the End of Time
11/08/2015 Listen Generosity is the Fruit of Love
11/01/2015 Listen Defending Devotion to the Saints
10/25/2015 Listen Christ Came That We Might Have Life to the Full
10/18/2015 Listen Controlling the Church's PR: Mercy, not Condemnation
10/11/2015 Listen The Value of Wisdom
10/04/2015 Listen The Permanent Bond of Marriage
09/27/2015 Listen The Catholic Faith and the Mass give direction to our lives
09/20/2015 Listen The Reality of Good and Evil
09/13/2015 Listen Catholic by Conviction
09/06/2015 Listen Proof that Jesus Christ is God
08/30/2015 Listen The Church's Moral Teachings are a Gift of Love
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